Describe a few of your duties and the types of questions you receive from staff.
I update software and equipment, and make sure that everything is functioning correctly. I also work with Jim Bisesi, our web contractor, to make sure our web sites are running properly and are up to date. I help the staff with anything from iPhones to tablets to PCs. Most of the time, staff will come to me and say, “I’d like to do this on a certain electronic device; how do I do it?” We have to react to whatever is changing (such as certain places in Indiana going paperless). If someone needs help in reacting to a certain change, I’m here to assist them.

What do you like most about coming to work every day?
I know that when I come to work, the day is never going to be boring. It’s a new challenge every day since technology is always changing – not only from year to year but from day to day as well. People are pretty receptive to these changes that occur, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

What is a challenge you have experienced in regard to adapting to new technology and software?
Last year was a big challenge since almost everyone started getting iPhones and iPads. We have to become accustomed to these new devices, so I tried to assist staff if they needed help. Years ago, everything used to be so linear. It was as easy as putting a tape in a VCR and hitting play. Now, instead of a simple Blackberry with texting and email, there are tablets and iPads that can run software programs. Technology is rapidly changing and not always as direct as it used to be. We need to know how to use this equipment to our advantage instead of just knowing how it works.

What is your ultimate dream car?
I’ve always liked Ferraris so if I had to pick a car out of their lineup, it would be a Ferrari 458.

What is one of the most favorite books you have read?
One of my favorite books would have to be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I’m currently rereading.

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