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Let’s talk technology.

Do images of computers, machinery and other equipment come to mind? Now picture this: people. IU Health La Porte Hospital IT Director Andrew Grimm says that’s what it’s all about.

Part of that philosophy involves interns. Grimm began working with Indiana INTERNnet – an internship-matching program linking employers, students, high schools, colleges and universities – in 2013.

The initial attraction was the Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) program. Through EARN, a partnership between Indiana INTERNnet and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, employers can receive up to 50% of their interns’ wages from the state if they hire EARN Indiana-eligible students.

“We got an exceptional group of students,” Grimm remarks. “It gave us a recruitment source we never had before.”

At the same time, the IT team launched a new customer service initiative inspired by Apple.

“Why is Apple considered such a great company? They’re considered a great company because of the depth of their customer service. We wanted to emulate that, and wanted people to feel important and give great customer service,” Grimm emphasizes. “The interns adopted it very easily and ended up driving it just as much (as employees).”

Staff satisfaction scores soared.

Today, four full-time members of the IT department (there are a total of five) are former interns recruited via Indiana INTERNnet.

“We don’t list (openings) for hiring full-time positions outside the department anymore,” Grimm comments. “Interns are considered employees. … We decided we were going to hire for the personality and train for the expert.”

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